June 2016
20 June 2016
Wings Construction Update: June 2016

The Wings Towers development has truly come a long way. In only a few short years, the majestic towers have already left an indelible impression on the Victoria Island skyline. Its presence has markedly upgraded the architectural landscape of its vicinity, contributing a touch of elegance and ultra-modernity to it, and setting the pace for other world-class commercial real estate to follow in its footsteps.


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Construction is advancing with full steam on the Wings office complex site. With 100% of the structure complete (as of 22nd February 2016), contractors are now focusing their efforts on finalising works on the exterior and interior elements of the building, in time for the scheduled delivery date of August 2016.


One of the construction developments that is most visible to passers-by of the Wings office complex is the near-completion of the building’s external cladding or façade. The elegant façade comprises double glazed solar glazing panels, designed to limit solar gain and control glare, and have been matched to the performance specifications of the building’s air-conditioning system.



External cladding for Tower A is at 95% completion and Tower B at 85% and climbing.





As construction of this landmark project enters its final phases, contractors are gearing up to commence work on: the landscaping of the development; the piling and installation of the floating jetty; the installation of the tent structure on the 5th floor entertainment deck; final testing and commissioning of services; the completion of external works, outbuildings and components such as rising bollards and turnstiles.


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The restaurant is currently ready for beneficial occupation by potential tenants.

The building will be available for the beneficial occupation to office tenants by the end of July, allowing tenants to commence fitting out their offices from this time.




Regular health and safety audits are being carried out at various stages of the building’s development to ensure full compliance with health and safety standards.


Notable benefits to occupants:

  • Waterfront location – built on a 7000m2 property in prime location with waterway access
  • Private jettyFor tenants only
  • Sufficient on-site parking – 700 bay car park in podium and basement parkades (3 bays per 100sqm)
  • Floor plate – 1000m2 per floor
  • High-Quality Modern Finish – High-quality internal materials specification; natural light; the great city as well as ocean and Creek views.
  • World-class internal infrastructure – 24-hour power supply, Wi-Fi, Fiber Optics & Splitters to all floors, cell phone reception boosters, a bank of 4 lifts per tower, Stairwell pressurisation system
  • High Maintenance Standards – building to be managed by a leading international property management company
  • Energy Efficient Façade – External Cladding System designed to limit direct solar gain by using high-performance glazing with a ceramic frit solution for glare control.


Design Team

Development Managers: Argentil Asset Management Limited / RMB Westport

Architects: Stauch Vorster Architects, Sandton| James Cubitt Architects, Nigeria.

Project Managers: Bovell Ross Project Management | Coffey Projects (Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

Quantity Surveyors: Norval Wentzel Steinberg South Africa | FO-AB Partnership Nigeria.

Structural/Civil Engineers: WSP Group South Africa| Arup Nigeria.

Electrical Engineers: CKR Consulting South Africa | Consem Associates Nigeria.

Mechanical Engineers: Spoormaker & Partners SA| KOA Consultants Nigeria.

Fire Consultants: Chira Fire SA | KOA Consultants Nigeria.

Wet Services: CKR Consulting SA.

Piling Contractor: Trevi Foundations.

Main Contractor: Cappa and D’Alberto

MEP Subcontractor: VACC Ltd


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