August 2016
30 August 2016
An Insight on the Wings Building; Here Are What Project Partners Have to Say

Project Consultants – Stauch Vorster Architects, WSP Structures South Africa, CKR Consulting Engineers, Chimera Fire and Estate Links | Gbenga Olaniyan & Associates speak on the cutting-edge technology used for the construction of the ‘WINGS’ Building.

Wings building daytime rendering

The presence of the iconic Wings building in the Nigerian real estate market has become a game changer in the way developers are fusing sophistication, design, and functionality in office development. This is coming at a time when the commercial real estate market in Nigeria is gathering momentum. There is no doubt that the ‘Wings’ office development with its Intelligent Building Management System – a system that monitors all vital operational functions, has made the ‘Wings’ an ideal work location for corporate tenants.

Porte cochere

With 700 parking bays and 27,000m2 of leasable office space across 12 floors, no office location on the Victoria Island business axis in Lagos can boast of this ample space. These functionalities provide an ambient environment that enhances business operations.



The overall success of the ‘Wings’ building could not have been made possible without the effort of the various consultants who used their specialties to contribute to the reality of what is seen today as a completed project. The consultants are made up of a leasing team, development team and project consultants.

In the interviews below, the consultants Stauch Vorster Architects, WSP Structures, CKR consulting engineers, Chimera Fire Consultants and Estate Links | Gbenga Olaniyan & Associates, speak on the design, architecture and measures adopted to ensure that the WINGS meets global specifications in all areas of its design and plan execution.



Stauch Vorster Architects was established in 1943, recently celebrating its 68th anniversary. With offices in South Africa, Mozambique and Mauritius, the practice is engaged in projects throughout the African continent.


In an interview with Stauch Vorster, lead architects of the ‘Wings’ building, Lyall Dukes (Associate Executive) had this to say about the architectural properties of the ‘Wings’ building.

lyall dukes

LYALL DUKES, Associate Executive at Stauch Vorster Architects


What aspects of ‘Wings’ design sets it apart from other Grade-A offices regionally and internationally

The core design, shape and orientation of the towers, is configured to provide grade “A” commercial space with multi-tenant flexibility. The building features high-quality finishes which have been completed and finished on site to a high standard. The small office plates of 1000m² feature 360-degree views to virtually all workstations in any particular tenant layout.

Responding further he noted that “The façade gives an alluring feature view of the city offering comfort plus the quality of work comparable to international standards. This façade system allows for energy efficiency and adaptability to climatic heat conditions.”

What three aspects of the ‘Wings’ building do you think tenants will appreciate the most? 

Tenants will appreciate the urban view from the high-rise. There is flexibility, the energy efficiency of the floorplate, integrated into the design coupled with amenities and lifestyle/workstyle possibilities.

How does the ‘Wings’ promote the health and well-being of its occupants?

“The building has been equipped with the latest services. This facilitates seamless operation and healthy, energy efficient use of resources on the site. The offices are climatically controlled to facilitate maximum comfort with lighting and visual stimulus aimed at enhancing tenant enjoyment and appreciation of the working environment. The building offers a high level of security and comfort to businesses with a high priority on secure operating facilities and peace of mind.”

How can the ‘Wings’ improve tenant’s operational efficiency and boost employee productivity?

“A work environment that is a pleasure to use and interact with on a daily basis will result in better productivity and positive attitude. The building is iconic and easily recognizable creating an association tenant can market and use to their advantage.”

CHIMERA FIRE – Fire Consultants


Chimera Fire Protection Pty (Ltd) is a fire protection company with its roots in South Africa. They are in the business of advising and assisting customers by offering them the best possible ways of protecting themselves, their staff, customers and investments from fire


Below is what Chimera Fire Protection (Pty) had to say regarding the fire and safety of the ‘Wings’ building.

Regarding safety in time of emergency, what steps have been taken to forestall fire outbreak?

The building is fully sprinkler protected, with sprinkler and firewater systems supplied via dedicated pumps and tanks with an hour capacity based on the maximum assumed fire test. Each tower is provided with two pressurized emergency routes and a fireman’s lift, together with an analog addressable smoke detection and voice evacuation system.




WSP STRUCTURES – Structural Engineers


WSP Structures is a  company globally renowned for innovation in structural engineering, working on all types of projects in property, transportation, energy and industrial sectors.


wsp copy

Concerning the engineering structure of the ‘Wings’ building, here’s what JOHAN PIEKAAR, Office Director, WSP Structures had to say:


JOHAN PIEKAAR, Office Director, WSP Structures


The lifespan of the building is said to be about 60 years. How exactly was this ascertained?

The load factors were selected accordingly while the concrete and structural designs were done according to the design specifications.

How does the ‘Wings’ stand out from other office buildings?

The quality of the building is not matched in Nigeria. The façade system and comfort levels plus quality of work are done to international standards.

How was sustainability incorporated in the design and construction of the building?

To achieve a green star rating was a requirement but good practice and eliminating waste was a consideration. The CEM II cement that was used also contains Limestone extender to reduce the amount of pure cement that is used.

CKR CONSULTING ENGINEERS – Electrical Engineers and MEP Consultants


CKR Consulting Engineers is a company of over 30years experience that provide the highest quality of engineering consultancy on electrical, electronic, mechanical and wet services for property development.


In an interview with this company, Chien-Wen Sung  (Electrical Engineer at CKR Consulting Engineers) had the following to say about the electrical designs and environmental friendliness of the ‘Wings’ building.

What green building electrical features have been installed in the building, and how will these benefit clients?

Oil-less transformers equipped with AVRs (Automatic Voltage Regulators) have been installed in the building. These transformers provide superior performance compared to the conventional transformer. Not only will the incoming supply be stabilized by the AVRs, the oil-less feature also prevents potential fire hazards.

The generators are equipped with control panels where an automated calculation is done to minimize fuel consumption, and automatically balance electrical load during operational hours between all units. In addition, all major electrical equipment have been linked to the Building Management System (BMS), providing maintenance personnel with real-time updates to prevent any potential failure that may occur.

About the electrical designs used in the building, what part of these designs complies with Intelligent Building Management specifications? What exactly is an intelligent building management system?

The IBMS is a system that optimizes the centralized control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting thus promoting the building’s functionality. The IBMS is also designed to detect potential thieves as warning signals will be triggered if there are any irregularities from particular areas of the building. These features make it an IBMS compliant building.

There is separate metering of electricity consumption for each occupant, how efficient will this system be? Are there automated systems to guard against errors?

Separate digital pulse meters are provided to measure the individual tenant’s electricity consumption. These digital meters are extremely accurate with negligible errors. Independent meters are provided for every floor and every tenant, in the unlikely event of meter failure. Calculations can be performed by simply balancing the other meter readings.



On the technologically advancement and electrical safety of the ‘Wings’ building, Branko Popovic (Director, CKR Consulting Engineers) had the following to say:

How does the ‘Wings’ building’s design and composition ensure the comfort, safety, and security of its future occupiers?

In terms of fire safety, the innovative features in the building design include installation of an advanced electronic security system. These have been implemented in the form of CCTV coverage of the front and creek sides of the building, with the reception areas inclusive.



There is also electronic beam control of the building, raising bollards at the main entrance with controlled access to the building via card reader system, well monitored controlled access to the parking levels and an addressable fire detection system as stated earlier.

In what way is the ‘Wings’ a technologically advanced building? How will this impact occupant’s experience?

Energy saving lights have been used throughout the building including a number of energy efficient LED fittings (in toilets, lift lobbies and other areas), in addition, there is centralized programmable light switching on office levels via BMS system. UPS points on office floors, prewired for usage of tenant’s UPS units have been provided.




There is also a network of power and voice/data points in the ceiling void to accommodate tenants planning arrangements.



Estate Links Limited is a sister company of Gbenga Olaniyan & Associates, a professional firm of estate surveyors and valuers on the local real estate front, with young but seasoned professionals in its field. The firm’s basic services encompass all the facets of the estate surveying and valuation profession in Nigeria.


The ‘Wings’ towers has been praised for being one of its kind. Speaking on the unique features of this building in comparison with others  of its kind, here’s what Mr Gbenga Olaniyan had to say.

Why should businesses consider relocating their offices to the ‘Wings’?

The Wings Towers is an elegantly designed office building with innovative usage of space to give optimal day-to-day functionality. Businesses would consider The Wings because of its prime location – Victoria Island, Lagos, which is in the heart of Lagos’ central business district with dual accessibility. It can be accessed through the Five Cowrie Creek via a jetty. The wings will also be providing ferry services to tenants with excellent connectivity between Island and mainland with ease of access to clients and other business partners.

wings lobby 3d rendition

How does the ‘Wings’ compare to other office spaces in the market – what sets the Wings apart from its competitors?

Notable features of The Wings include:

– Dedicated Jetty; Restaurant; Banking hall

– Porte Cochere; Concierge

– Wi-Fi connection throughout the building; Cell phone reception boosters

– LED lighting; motion sensors to all public areas; High surveillance CCTV systems

– Availability of disabled toilets in each tower


The Property also offers rental concessions, which include tenant Improvement allowances and rent-free periods.

Security - option 3

How do the amenities offered by the ‘Wings’ towers compare to other office buildings?

The amenities offered by The Wings Towers cannot be compared in any way with similar facilities in the other A grade Office developments in Lagos.

The international standard restaurant overlooking Five Cowrie Creek with secured access to landscaped deck creates a soothing surrounding.

The function deck is positioned in between the two Towers and can be accessed directly from the first floor, providing elevated views of the Lagoon and the City. The banking hall space of approximately 145sqm on the Ground floor has great visibility from the high street and an estimated foot traffic of 7,000 people (excluding visitors) per day!



The Wings also provides ferry services via an elegant private Lagoon front jetty thus eliminating the frustration of long hours in traffic most especially during the rush hours. All these facilities as listed above are geared towards having a seamless business environment that combines functionality, detail, services and comfort for business. There is no other building in Lagos that measures up to the facilities The Wings offer. It is safe to say that the property is solely in a class of its own!


Will tenants of the Wings get good value for money? What is the long-term benefit of this building to them?

– Energy Saving; Power Optimization

– Reduction in maintenance cost

– Best address for business; Good ambience

– Tenant mix ensures networking of the optimum level; flexibility in rent payment helps cash flow